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Coming soon - One More Page

One More Page Podcast, hosted by Nat Amoore, Liz Ledden and me will be launching in February 2018

Have you heard the news? My brand new podcast is launching in 2018! Well, when I say 'mine', I'm launching it with two amazing kid-lit buddies, Nat Amoore and Liz Ledden. We'll be chatting about kids' books, interviewing authors, and we even have a great kids-only section planned (strictly speaking Nat will be on it as well, but she's pretty much an honorary kid - you really won't notice the difference). Publishers have been really supportive and we have heaps of great giveaways lined up too.

The best part is that you can subscribe now on iTunes or your favourite podcast app, which means you won't miss anything when we launch in February.

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