Dear Grandpa by Kate Simpson and Ronojoy Ghosh

A picture book about the special relationship between a boy and his grandfather who stay close even when they are separated by distance.

Grandpa, did you know that if you rub a needle with a magnet, one end will point to the north and the other end to the south? In the south there's an apartment building 160 metres tall. From the balcony, you can see the entire city. There are cinemas and ice cream shops ... and me! 

As Henry measures the distance between his new apartment and Grandpa's wooden house under the mango tree, Grandpa works out how close they really are. A moving story that celebrates the bond between a boy and his grandfather.

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Every two seconds, someone in the world suffers a stroke. In Finding Granny, that someone is Edie’s beloved grandmother. When Edie comes to the hospital, she is confronted by the physical changes in her grandmother: muddled words, a crooked face, a woman confined to bed. This isn’t the ‘playtime, bedtime, story-time pantomime Granny’ that Edie knows. But when her mother takes Edie to watch one of Granny’s art therapy sessions, Edie starts to understand that the Granny she loves is still there. 


Finding Granny is a heart-warming story of changing relationships and the bond between children and grandparents. It’s also a sensitive exploration of coping with illness and disability that will offer children much-needed comfort.


Finding Granny was shortlisted for the Speech Pathology Australia Book of the Year Awards in 2019.

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Praise for Dear Grandpa:

This delightful picture book celebrates the powerful bond between a child and their grandparent, as chronicled through the long-distance exchange of letters between the imaginative young Henry and his equally inventive Grandpa. Highly recommended for kids aged 4+ and perfect for reading with any grandparent.
--Athina Clarke, Readings Books, 22nd July 2019

Praise for Finding Granny: 

Finding Granny is a heartening tale of the bond between children and grandparents, and how this relationship continues to change and flourish. It broaches a difficult subject that can be hard for children to understand with care and sensitivity, and shows that no matter what happens a little love can help you through life's challenges.
--James Schwier, Daily Telegraph, 30th June 2018

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